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1190 Lisbon St, Lewiston
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Our Services

The philosophy of Proactive Physical Therapy is to establish a relationship with our patients in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. We feel that our patients deserve a positive environment and a personalized rehab program that suits your lifestyle and offers practical solutions. We strive to make physical therapy as positive of an experience as possible incorporating a variety of interventions to stimulate change and recovery. You will see the same physical therapist every session allowing a level of comfort and communication necessary for the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time.

How is physical therapy different at Proactive?

  • We involve the patient and educate them every step of the way
  • We empower the patient to treat themselves to provide an efficient and effective use of the patient’s time and money. 
  • We establish good communication between the therapist, patient, and referring physician
  • Promoting positive lifestyle changes is an important component of Proactive Physical Therapy’s approach.     
  • Life long self management and preventative measures are incorporated in all treatment plans

Services offered

  • Sports medicine and athletic performance
  • Joint replacement rehab
  • Rotator cuff therapy, surgical and non surgical
  • Treatment of shoulder impingement
  • Balance training and fall prevention 
  • Spine Care Program including spinal mobilization, dynamic core strengthening and postural reeducation
  • Ergonomics and treatment of repetitive use syndromes
  • Foot and ankle therapy
  • Vestubular rehab and positional vertigo therapy
  • "Game Ready" vasopneumatic compression therapy

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